Funerals and Memorial Services

When a loved one passes from this life into the next, a funeral or memorial service is an important way of acknowledging the significance of the person’s life and what they meant to their friends, family and community. The service honors the person’s legacy. And it is a key piece of the grieving process. Pastor Allen and Pastor Joe have ministered to the dying and their families for years. Most recently they worked together to oversee the Bereavement Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church. They work with families and funeral homes to create a safe, warm and accepting environment for people to express their grief and to share their love for the one they have lost. They will create a service marked by both dignity and simplicity, with emphasis on the wishes of the deceased and those they have left behind.

For Funeral Directors
Pastor Allen and Pastor Joe have collectively officiated hundreds of funerals and memorial services. We are committed to working with funeral homes and directors to provide the best pastoral service to families who have lost a loved one. We will communicate directly with each family in order to provide a service that honors the life of the person they have lost and helps them enter into the grieving process. Families will be served promptly, professionally and pastorally.

For Those Who Have Lost Someone They Love
Pastor Allen and Pastor Joe are passionate about coming alongside individuals and families who have lost someone they love. We will work with the appointed funeral home and those close to the deceased to create a service that celebrates the person’s life and marks the grief associated with their loss.

For Christian Churches in Chicagoland
Pastors Allen and Joe are available to officiate funerals and memorial services at local churches. If you or your pastoral staff need someone to officiate a service for a member or attender of your church, feel free to contact us.

For Services Outside of a Church or Funeral Home
Sometimes the best way to remember a lost loved one is to hold a memorial service at a special location. Pastors Joe and Allen have conducted services in a variety of locations, including homes, nature preserves, etc.

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